Wadden Photo Book

Saal Digitaal, professional photoproducts in high-end quality, invited me to create a photo book and gave me a generous token of 30 Euro’s. I managed to stay within this budget, a brave goal as one get easily carried away during sorting photos! Which one to choose??

As a subject I have chosen my so beloved Wadden Sea and have also chosen not to use more than one photo per page. I used the most basic look available because I was very curious about the quality. The book is 19 x 19 cm, hard cover, 26 pages and matte photo paper.

Their software is easy to use but please download it from the site of the country you want to order it!
I received it only a few days after I submitted my book which was much quicker than the estimated days.

And the result was very, very nice. I was pleasantly surprised about the excellent print quality and truly recommend Saal Digitaal.

Last but not least a huge thank you to the ever so supportive and patient Team of Saal Digitaal Netherlands. You were fabulous!