My name is Ike Roelfsema, I am a photographer who started taking photos as soon as I could hold a camera.
In 1982 I learned to handle an SRL and inherited one in 2001 which encouraged my passion. It went everywhere with me.

But it was not until my very first DSRL that I discovered the joy of taking as many photo’s as I wanted and sort out the very best. This camera toured all over Europe with me but caused a minor conflict in the relationship; I was mostly seen behind the camera and standing still every other metre.
A pocket camera was added to my collection; never taking photo’s anymore was of course out of the question.

I joined Instagram and met wonderful people who published beautiful photo’s which encouraged me to use my DSRL again after the sudden death of my husband in 2016.
My passion grew and grew as did the amount of Insta followers and today I am seldom seen without my loyal camera, an Olympus E510 which is steadily expanded with other lenses and filters.

I always loved monochrome and are experimenting with all possible shades of grey in landscapes, Vanitas and still life’s.

I hope to learn until a very high age and beyond!

Still, photography is not my only passion. Writing is as important to me. More info on my site Helen Varras’ Story Book

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